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Our Otago Access Radio Interview is now on their Podcast

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New Zealand Hard Pounding 2015

The 2015 Dystopian Wars Inter-club tournament is here. Easter Saturday 4th of April 2015 in Timaru Distopian 2015 intraclub rules and table layout document. Loading…

Dystopian Wars 2015 Interclub

The Dystopian Wars Interclub is coming soon, OMTS won it last year and will host it this year at a yet to be determined location and date. Final details will arrive by the end of this month. The event will

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

When: Sunday, 7th December Time: 10:30 am Where: Forbury Park Raceway, Dunedin. The normal OMTS club rooms. Cost: $10 Will follow Fantasy Flight’s tourney rule (VERSION 2.2.1/ UPDATED 10.16.2014) and FAQ (version 2.2/ UPDATED 9.26.2014) both available here except: All games will

Dystopian Wars Weekend 4th and 5th of October

Hi Every-one Here are the details for the upcoming Dystopian Wars campaign weekend. As this is just a Shits and Giggles event there will be no scoring, win bonuses or prizes. Results will be tallied to decide the winning faction.

New Dark Angels

Today the new Dark Angels models and Codex was released, and I am pleased to tell you that as of 10 minutes ago, the BattleScribe catalogue for the new Codex Dark Angels was uploaded to our repository and the previous

Points system being used for the EDH tournament on the 3rd

-2| greedy McGreederson: Per extra turn taken. Can be awarded more than once. -2| recursion: resolving any action that would resolve in infinite tokens or mana. Or an infinite loop.  Can be awarded more than once. +1| 123’s: Resolve the third spell that’s

EDH/Commander M:tG Tournament Rules for Sunday 3rd of February 2013

Register with Josiah by 11:20 Play starts at 11:30 so I’ve given you 10 minutes grace to use sideboards after all commanders have been announced. Please email with the commander you will be using [I notice some people are wanting to