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Bolt Actions results

Bolt Action Results Hi guys, just a few brief words about this “competition”. Overall everyone seem to enjoy themselves – a few lessons learnt by me certainly. I would do some things differently, but overall the format has worked. Congratulations

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Bolt Action 2014 – 2015

Hi guys, we are looking to run a tournament/competition over several months, based here in Dunedin Here are the final rules – one important amendment – You don’t have to field two platoons if you don’t want to. 2014 –

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Wartime Weekend – RSA fundraiser

The OMTS club took part in the Wartime weekend  held at the Mosgiel A & P Showground on 26 & 27 October 2013. We showed off several different game systems, such as: Flames of War, Wings of Glory, X-Wing and

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AGM postponed until 18 August 2013

We have decided to postpone the AGM for two weeks as several key members will not be available this weekend. I also take this opportunity to invite/ask for any nominations for office bearers and the committee for the new financial

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Dave Galletly discusses his new campaign

Hi, I’ve been prevailed upon to come up with a guest editorial (series?) This one will cover some of what a campaign means and introduce a Dystopian wars campaign we’ve been running during club days What is a campaign and why try it instead

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Website editorial January 2013

Well, it’s January already and Southcon 2012 is fading into memory, although what I can still recall seemed very enjoyable. I even enjoyed the dystopian tournament I played in (and as some of you may know, I have a longstanding

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