Dystopian Wars Weekend 4th and 5th of October

Hi Every-one
Here are the details for the upcoming Dystopian Wars campaign weekend.
As this is just a Shits and Giggles event there will be no scoring, win bonuses or prizes.
Results will be tallied to decide the winning faction.
Unpainted models are allowed, as are suitable conversions and stand ins.
We will be playing Imperial Bond v Grand Coalition v Neutrals/Mercs.
I am still up for some Legions games if there are enough willing players

The time for you all to be arriving at the Dystopian Wars event this weekend is 9:30 am.

I would love to have a few hands available for setting things up if possible please guys.

Things to do you know:
All gamers need to bring Pen and Paper – this is fairly important as I will be giving most instructions verbally.

Grand Coalition Nations include:

  • Kingdom of Britannia
  • Federated States of America
  • Russian Coalition
  • Dominion of Canada
  • Royal Australia
  • Indian Raj (if released)
  • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • East India Company
  • Eclipse Company.

Imperial Bond Nations include:

  • Prussian Empire
  • Empire of the Blazing Sun
  • Republique of France
  • Chinese Federation
  • Kingdom Denmark
  • Ottoman Empire Traditionalists
  • League of Italian States
  • The Wani
  • Black Wolf Company

Neutral Nations can include:

  • Covenant of Antarctica
  • Free Australia
  • Ottoman Empire Separatists
  • League of Italian States
  • Black Wolf Company
  • East India Company
  • Eclipse Company

Fleets (Naval, Land or Air) are 1100 points total, easily catered for in the new rules.
The first 700 points must be spent in full on Core models from your own nation/fleet list only…no Non Core, Mercs, Allies, Fortifications etc etc
Min 1 Small, 1 Medium and 1 large/Massive – but Max 2 Large/Massive/Battle Cruisers
The remaining 400 points can be spent on anything else you wish incl Allies, Non Core, Mercs, Merchant Vessels…no Large or Massive vessels or Fortifications in this force please.
Any Nation may take Mercenaries, Merchant Vessels or Allies as part of their 400 point lists.

When you enter I need to know whether you are playing for the Imperial Bond, Grand Coalition, or Neutrals/Mercs factions and if you want to play with Land, Naval and/or Air fleets.
Entrants need to contact Ian by 28 September please

The Facebook thread to comment on to enter is here

The South Island Wargamer Forums thread is here

To PM Ian directly click here

A background story will be published soon.

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