Flames of War


Flames of war

Gameplay takes place over a series of turns, with players alternating movement, shooting and close assault. This simple sequence of play, often called “I-Go, You-go”, helps people who are unfamiliar with wargames or who are familiar with other games with a similar structure to quickly learn the rules. The game is optimised for two players, although it can be played by a larger number of players playing against each other or grouped in teams.

Play revolves around company-level tactics, with each stand or element representing an infantry fireteam , an artillery piece and its crew, or a single vehicle . Air support is also available, in the form of fighters and ground attack aircraft , with aircraft generally being represented by 1:144 scale models.

The main rulebook has numerous scenarios players can use for their games, with all of these scenarios centered around capturing objectives. Additional army sourcebooks contain further scenarios, usually centered around historical events relevant to that particular book. Game play utilizes six-sided dice to pass various skill tests used to shoot at enemies or pass motivation based tests. Movement distances and weapon ranges are provided in both inches and centimeters and are usually measured with tape measures or other measuring aides.

Current army sourcebooks are based on particular campaigns and include lists for the German Wehrmacht , the U.S. Army , the armies of United Kingdom and Commonwealth , the Red Army of the Soviet Union, , the Italian army , as well as nations that played as smaller role such as the Poles, Hungarians, Finns, and Romanians. Sourcebooks have so far been restricted to the European theater and Mediterranean theater; Battlefront has indicated that future releases may include coverage of thePacific theater, but only after army lists and campaign supplements covering the early and late periods of fighting in Europe have been released.

Flames of War provides players who are interested in World War II wargaming but lack an in-depth knowledge of the period with a “one-stop shop”. The rulebook and sourcebooks provide not only the rules of the game and scenarios to play but also background material on historical forces and battles and simple guides to organising, assembling, and painting miniature armies.


We don’t have a local supplier of official flames of war products. However HobbyHub does sell alternative miniatures that do not look out of place, you can purchase from the mini shop at the club meetings.

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