Wings of Glory


The game Wings of War was introduced 2004 with Famous Aces it was a Card based game with no miniatures. The miniatures where first introduced in 2007.


The WW2 version was released as Dawn of War.
As the game progressed there were new rules written to cover the 2 seater Aircraft that were introduced in the Watch Your Back box then further new rules came with the Burning Drachens box which introduced Balloon Busting.
The Rules set now had the additional option of playing with Altitude which became possible with the introduction of the miniatures with Flight Stands & pegs.

Next came the Flight of the Giants box which introduced additional rules for Large Bombers.
There had been 4 series of Scouts & 2 Seaters introduced over a period of time.
As the expanded rules became available in the various Box sets the Rule
s were not rewritten but only added to too cover new gaming options for new Aircraft etc.You really had to buy all the new Box releases to get the new added rules.


In 2011 Nexus who were the publishers and suppliers went into liquidation & the supply of models dried up 


before any of the Bomber models became available.


The game was relaunched as Wings of Glory in 2012 by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia
, the original authors, and Ares Games.

The Wings of Glory name covers both WW1 and WW2 aerial wargaming

New Rules & Accessory Packs have been produced for both periods.

All the Rules are now available in one book & are set out in excellent sections with great illustrations to highlight the rules.



New aircraft have been released by Ares Games including Bomber and Fighter aircraft from both WW1 and WW2.

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