NatCon 2016 is coming to Dunedin

Greetings all

I am happy to announce that we will be hosting NatCon 2016.
This shall be the first time the National Wargaming Convention has been hosted in Dunedin and as the Otago Miniature Tacticians Society is the oldest wargaming club in NZ it’s time for this to happen.
Having hosted a very successful SouthCon, at Queens birthday, it was suggested by those attending that as no one had put their hand up for NatCon2016 we should give it a go.
We had over 80 attendees at SouthCon and the vast majority expressed interest in attending NatCon if it is held in Dunedin.
While we would be the primary hosts it will be a joint venture between us (OMTS), Invercargill Wargamers, Timaru Wargamers and Dunedin Gaming League.
We have the site booked and collectively own plenty of tables including scenery. We envisage a prize pool of over $2000 plus trophies, spot prizes and giveaways that will enhance the fun of wargaming.
As clubs we are strong in the following systems, Flames of War, Warmachine Hordes, Wings of Glory, Pathfinder, Warhammer, 40K, Dystopian Wars, X Wing, and Bolt Action and we envisage that all of these games would be played.
If there is enough interest in any other system we are keen to provide tables and will help with umpires etc.
We realise Dunedin is a long way to travel and that travel is expensive however on the up side the accommodation in Dunedin is a lot more reasonable than other places.
Our venue (Forbury Trotting Club) is 10 mins drive from the city centre has a bar and restaurant attached and has good inexpensive accommodation close by.
Do we have the ability to host the Nationals? Yes we do!
If you have any queries in relation to this or if there are game systems you would like to see then please contact us.

OMTS Treasurer 2013--2016 SouthCon'15 Agoniser SouthCon 2016 Tsar

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