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SouthCon poster draft a4

2017 Entries from 8th May 2017


Welcome to SouthCon 2016

Calling all gamers, role players and classy folk; SouthCon lands this weekend and we are overjoyed to have y’all on board. Included below for perusal at your leisure is a compendium of what to expect. The all-important bits are bullet pointed at the bottom for those in a rush or not an aficionado of top-shelf creative writing…


House Keeping
On arrival at SouthCon Saturday morning, please sign yourself in and square any cheeky bills that might be outstanding; in cash as we’ll not have official eftpos facilities and the nearest ATM is a long walk.
If you have a fully paid pass this’ll be as simple as ticking a box!
Then follow directions to your gaming area, your umpire will have your welcome pack and your security pass. Please wear your security pass as it will help keep me sane.

Please keep an eye on your email inbox this week, or the SouthCon event page on the Otago Miniature Tactician Soc facebook group (fb event) for any last minute updates to the event.

Please check out your player pack, available for download at our website

Please arrive with plenty of time before your first game to orientate yourself, unpack your gaming wares, and to be ready for a good day of gaming.

Consider arriving 30mins before the following times:

Sat Sun
Kings of War 9:00am 9am
Warmachine & Hordes 9:00am 9.30 am
Flames of War 9.30am 8.30 am
Warhammer 40000 9:30am 9:00 am
Mordheim 10:00am 9.30 am
X-Wing 11:00am  –
Wings of Glory 7:00pm  –

The restaurant and bar are open all day.
If you know what you want please pre-order with your umpire who can organise your meal to be ready for your lunch break.

We will be selling snacks and soft drinks, located on the gaming floor from our SouthCon canteen /commissary. We have also sourced a small supply of freshly catered Wraps and Rolls (I ate one for breakfast one day at NatCon, it was pleasant).

The SouthCon Painting Competition
The beautiful side of miniature gaming is celebrating the efforts made into making our gaming pieces look good (or evil) on the gaming surface. My personal opinion is that it is simply great to have models on display and one of my favourite things is to identify pieces used inside conversions. I would like to see models on display all weekend for people to marvel at.
Our annual painting comp reflects this part of our hobby. We have two great glass cabinets exactly for this. But there’s more …
entering the painting comp at SouthCon this year will get you a free miniature. A simple prize for simply entering. With a twist … if you enter this free model into SouthCon 2017, it will be entered into a special competition.

 The judging will be done on Saturday evening so if you wish to enter something you are competitively playing with you may enter it after your last tournament game on Saturday, before 6:30pm and collect before gaming starts on Sunday morning.

Safety Laws
Event safety has become a lot more complicated with new laws. There will be a few ‘Safety Marshals’ in case of emergency, on the most part it will be me, but there will be others who will fill the role if I am not available or not on the premises for any reason.  If there is a state of emergency you are required to follow a Safety Marshal’s directions. The process of signing in each day and the security passes are in fact a part of this.

Friday Set-up
We’re setting up from 3pm till 9pm on Friday 3rd June. If anyone is available to help shift stuff and set up, Thank you, Gracias, Merci, ありがとう, Danke Sehr, Grazie, Khop Khun Mak Kha… Ideally we can finish long before it actually hits 9pm.

The Otago Miniature Tacticians Society and SouthCon organisers will not stand for racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted behaviour. We care about providing a healthy and competitive gaming scene for everyone. If we see or hear any abuse, the offending person will be reprimanded and if necessary expelled.

Remember to bring everything you need to play: Measuring equipment, markers, your models and a pleasant attitude.
Pencils, notepad, and fun will be provided though feel free to bring your own as well.

 Compendium of what to do…

  • Sign in when you arrive.
  • Bring CASH! – for those snacks, drinks and goodies to top up your collections
  • Wear your security pass or otherwise simply keep it with you. (for health and safety)
  • Arrive with plenty of time for your first game.
  • Place your lunch order if you want lunch from the restaurant
  • SouthCon Painting Comp Entries = get a free miniature. Free entry with registration
  • Friday set-up 3pm-9pm for those of you who can help
  • Remember your stuff.
  • Have a great weekend.

Beannachd Leibh,
Joel can’t-win Cunningham.
OMTSinc. Treasurer & SouthCon Tsar,

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Wh40k at SouthCon 2016

We have a trio of downloads for 40k players interested in attending SouthCon this year. The first is our player pack, I’m very pleased with the work that went into creating this and am happy with what we have come up with, being informative and easy to read.  The following two are filled with additional information: the mission pack details the battle scenarios with their objectives; and the army list guideline gives the allowed super heavies and gargantuan plus a few extra details and restrictions that may be needed in army creation that we felt would be overbearing inside our player pack.

Warhammer 40,000
ictlogoTwo day Tournament 1850pts ITC rules. [ SouthCon 2016 Player Pack wh40k 1.0 ]
ITC 2016 Missions Pack 1.0 ] | [ Army List Guidelines ITC 2016 40K Season ]

I’m really thankful to the ITC for setting a great basis to work from in setting up balanced tournaments and look forward to continuing with them into the future.

Online entry form for SouthCon is here.

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SouthCon Tournament Summaries


SouthCon 2016 Tournaments

With Nationals had and enjoyed we can look to announcing details for the imminent South Island Convention.

Queens Birthday Weekend
Saturday and Sunday 4-5 June 2016

Full player packs will be released soon. Here is a quick summary of the tournaments that are being organised;

 Kings of War
Fantasy 28mm mass battle from Mantic
Two-day tournament, 7 rounds
2000pts (Potentially reduced to 1500pts to accommodate players with smaller armies)
Organiser; Eugene Gielen,

 Bolt Action
WWII 28mm skirmish from Warlord Games
1000pts 1-3 reinforced platoons
(No tank war)
Organiser; Lindsay Harrison

 Warmachine & Hordes Privateer Press
One-day tournament
One-day Twin Terror
Organiser; Callumn James,

 Flames of War
Late War Any Book or Battlefront Approved Digital Format
1420 Points – for advice on lists look at the BF Forum – it’s the same total as the USA is using this year.  6 rounds over two days, you can enter for just one day.  If there are fewer than 10 entries by 8 May, the event will not occur and entry fees will be refunded.
Organiser; Rob Murray at

 Warhammer 40K
1850pts, Two-day Tournament
Following the ITC rules.
Umpire; TBA.

Fantasy Flights
Standard Tournament Formats

Games of Thrones

There will also be..
..narrative campaign events happening for other game systems, Pathfinder, Star Wars (Multi-system format), & Mordheim.
..the annual painting comp, free entry to all SouthCon participants.
..Saturday night games night options.

Join the SouthCon 2016 FB event for more upcoming announcements.

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Star Wars Armada Tournament

Star Wars: Armada Tourney
When: Sunday 7th February
Start Time: 10:30 for a 10:45 start
Points: 300
Game time: 2 hrs
Number of Games: 3
Location: OMTS clubrooms, Forbury Park Raceway, Dunedin
Cost: $10
This will be quite a casual tourney since it is the first one and some players haven’t played much.
There is an FFG tourney kit for prize support.

Our Otago Access Radio Interview is now on their Podcast

Listen here

NatCon 2016 is coming to Dunedin

Greetings all

I am happy to announce that we will be hosting NatCon 2016.
This shall be the first time the National Wargaming Convention has been hosted in Dunedin and as the Otago Miniature Tacticians Society is the oldest wargaming club in NZ it’s time for this to happen.
Having hosted a very successful SouthCon, at Queens birthday, it was suggested by those attending that as no one had put their hand up for NatCon2016 we should give it a go.
We had over 80 attendees at SouthCon and the vast majority expressed interest in attending NatCon if it is held in Dunedin.
While we would be the primary hosts it will be a joint venture between us (OMTS), Invercargill Wargamers, Timaru Wargamers and Dunedin Gaming League.
We have the site booked and collectively own plenty of tables including scenery. We envisage a prize pool of over $2000 plus trophies, spot prizes and giveaways that will enhance the fun of wargaming.
As clubs we are strong in the following systems, Flames of War, Warmachine Hordes, Wings of Glory, Pathfinder, Warhammer, 40K, Dystopian Wars, X Wing, and Bolt Action and we envisage that all of these games would be played.
If there is enough interest in any other system we are keen to provide tables and will help with umpires etc.
We realise Dunedin is a long way to travel and that travel is expensive however on the up side the accommodation in Dunedin is a lot more reasonable than other places.
Our venue (Forbury Trotting Club) is 10 mins drive from the city centre has a bar and restaurant attached and has good inexpensive accommodation close by.
Do we have the ability to host the Nationals? Yes we do!
If you have any queries in relation to this or if there are game systems you would like to see then please contact us.

Bolt Actions results

Bolt Action Results

Hi guys, just a few brief words about this “competition”.

Overall everyone seem to enjoy themselves – a few lessons learnt by me certainly. I would do some things differently, but overall the format has worked.

Congratulations to Kieran and the other Invercargill players, they certainly made the competition for me.

See you at “Invasion”!




New Zealand Hard Pounding 2015

The 2015 Dystopian Wars Inter-club tournament is here.

Easter Saturday 4th of April 2015 in Timaru

Distopian 2015 intraclub rules and table layout document.