Scuttlebutt 1/15

OMTS Official Scuttlebutt 1/15

Happy new year gentlemen, I hope you’ve all had a good break.  We’re looking forward to an exciting year for OMTS.  This year we will be taking part in numerous events and things promoting our society and our interests, aiming to make ourselves a household name, so that when people think of miniature gaming they’ll think of us..
Lindsay Harrison


Upcoming Events

Journeyman League: Jan-Jun
We hosted the opening to this Warmachine & Horde campaign on the 4th of January, it was a great success with everyone achieving at least three matches during the day and others played many more.  The Journeyman League now has 22 players involved. Our next meeting on the 18th will be ideal place to play more battlebox games as well a good opportunity to pick up miniatures for when the campaign escalates to 15points for February.

Bolt Action Three Part Tournament: 15th Feb
Another instalment of the Bolt Action Tournament, even if you haven’t played on any of the other days you can join, it’s spread out like this to enable participation.  Non-society members who’ve already participated in a previous of these BA Tournament days get to play for free.

Armageddon Dunedin:  28th Feb-1st Mar
OMTS plan to be running a stand at this years Armageddon.  Looking for volunteers to man it & play demo games.

Hard Pounding: Choice of dates; 29th Mar or 5th Apr
Dystopian Wars Interclub competition for the Armour of St Kilda Trophy.  OMTS are the undefeated trophy holders, aiming to make it three for three. Still looking for input before finalising details [dl end of Jan].

South Con:  30th-31st May
Venue will be at Forbury Park Raceway.  Player packs for Tournaments will be released soon.  Expect more.


Tresorial Report

I feel we’re doing wonderfully this year, membership numbers have already matched those of last year and I feel certain they’re going rise evenmore.  Plus we’ve made some pretty cool purchases, especially the ones in preparation for getting involved with Armageddon, a set of 3’x3′ boards to have demo games on, some cloths to match, plus big cool looking glass tower cabinets to put displays in.  Check them out when you visit the next game day.
Joel J8 Cunningham..
Treasure hunter.

Secretarial Report

Could everyone make sure their contact details are up to date in the membership listing, I have a folder at club, come talk to me.  Also please remember to tick yourself in the attendance book by the club canteen as it is a matter of safety. Thank you, have a great year, see you soon.
Ross McMillan,
Club Secretary.


Hobby Tips & Tricks

Don’t drop your models, they’ll break a lot less often that way 😉

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Dystopian Wars 2015 Interclub

The Dystopian Wars Interclub is coming soon, OMTS won it last year and will host it this year at a yet to be determined location and date.

Final details will arrive by the end of this month.

The event will be team based preferably with even numbers from each club.

Anyone interested please email: web@omts


OMTS Vice President and Events Manager

Dunedin WMH Journeyman League

WMH available from HobbyHub @ OMTS

Journeyman League Offical Openning Event The offical start of the Warmachine Hordes Journeyman League will be held at OMTS on the 4th January.

Yes OMTS will be open 4th January.

This a slow grow league, designed to encourage new players to begin learning the game and then expand their collection. So far the league has 13-15 players covering all of the main factions. More people are welcome to join into the campaign.

WMH available from HobbyHub @ OMTS

WMH Journeyman league

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Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

When: Sunday, 7th December
Time: 10:30 am
Where: Forbury Park Raceway, Dunedin.
The normal OMTS club rooms.

Cost: $10

Will follow Fantasy Flight’s tourney rule (VERSION 2.2.1/ UPDATED 10.16.2014) and FAQ (version 2.2/ UPDATED 9.26.2014) both available here except:

  • All games will be Imperial vs. Rebels
  • Wave 5 will be allowed if the stock reaches me in time.
Points: 100
Rounds: 4 of 75 minutes
Lists: Please use Squadron Builder to build your list and have a printout with you for your opponent to look at

Top Imperial Squadron Leader
Top Rebel Squadron Leader

Top Ace – by number of kills
I have two sets of Team Covenant turn and range templates, one for each winning Squadron Leader.
I also have a Winter 2014 Tournament Kit:
• One exclusive medal for the Top Ace
• Four sets of acrylic cloak tokens
• Two movie-still versions of Han Solo
• Seventeen movie-still versions of Scimitar Squadron Pilot
• Four Millennium Falcon deck boxes
Plus there will be other Star Wars swag.

Space is limited to 24 players.

If people want to pay on the day that is okay, but the people that pre-register get preference:

  • In the 24 player limit
  • Which side they play on (since we can only have a max of 12 per side)
  • The goodies that came in the Season 3 Game Night set
Anyone that hasn’t preregistered needs to get to the venue at 10:15 to go through the registration process.
Even if you are going to pay on the day, please let me know you are coming, which sides you can play and which you would prefer to play on.
Hope to see you there.
May the force be with you.

Bolt Action 2014 – 2015

Hi guys, we are looking to run a tournament/competition over several months, based here in Dunedin

Here are the final rules – one important amendment – You don’t have to field two platoons if you don’t want to.

2014 – 2015 Bolt Action Tournament rules ver 1.0

At this point it’s been indicated by the committee that entry will be free for current OMTS members and everyone else $10 entry fee (one off)



Dystopian Wars Weekend 4th and 5th of October

Hi Every-one
Here are the details for the upcoming Dystopian Wars campaign weekend.
As this is just a Shits and Giggles event there will be no scoring, win bonuses or prizes.
Results will be tallied to decide the winning faction.
Unpainted models are allowed, as are suitable conversions and stand ins.
We will be playing Imperial Bond v Grand Coalition v Neutrals/Mercs.
I am still up for some Legions games if there are enough willing players

The time for you all to be arriving at the Dystopian Wars event this weekend is 9:30 am.

I would love to have a few hands available for setting things up if possible please guys.

Things to do you know:
All gamers need to bring Pen and Paper – this is fairly important as I will be giving most instructions verbally.

Grand Coalition Nations include:

  • Kingdom of Britannia
  • Federated States of America
  • Russian Coalition
  • Dominion of Canada
  • Royal Australia
  • Indian Raj (if released)
  • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • East India Company
  • Eclipse Company.

Imperial Bond Nations include:

  • Prussian Empire
  • Empire of the Blazing Sun
  • Republique of France
  • Chinese Federation
  • Kingdom Denmark
  • Ottoman Empire Traditionalists
  • League of Italian States
  • The Wani
  • Black Wolf Company

Neutral Nations can include:

  • Covenant of Antarctica
  • Free Australia
  • Ottoman Empire Separatists
  • League of Italian States
  • Black Wolf Company
  • East India Company
  • Eclipse Company

Fleets (Naval, Land or Air) are 1100 points total, easily catered for in the new rules.
The first 700 points must be spent in full on Core models from your own nation/fleet list only…no Non Core, Mercs, Allies, Fortifications etc etc
Min 1 Small, 1 Medium and 1 large/Massive – but Max 2 Large/Massive/Battle Cruisers
The remaining 400 points can be spent on anything else you wish incl Allies, Non Core, Mercs, Merchant Vessels…no Large or Massive vessels or Fortifications in this force please.
Any Nation may take Mercenaries, Merchant Vessels or Allies as part of their 400 point lists.

When you enter I need to know whether you are playing for the Imperial Bond, Grand Coalition, or Neutrals/Mercs factions and if you want to play with Land, Naval and/or Air fleets.
Entrants need to contact Ian by 28 September please

The Facebook thread to comment on to enter is here

The South Island Wargamer Forums thread is here

To PM Ian directly click here

A background story will be published soon.

Wartime Weekend – RSA fundraiser

The OMTS club took part in the Wartime weekend  held at the Mosgiel A & P Showground on 26 & 27 October 2013.

We showed off several different game systems, such as:

Flames of War, Wings of Glory, X-Wing and Dystopian Wars, just to name a few.

This was our second venture back into the public following the successful railway show from earlier this year.

Thanks to any who came along

AGM postponed until 18 August 2013

We have decided to postpone the AGM for two weeks as several key members will not be available this weekend.

I also take this opportunity to invite/ask for any nominations for office bearers and the committee for the new financial year.

Any questions, please contact me.


David Shead

Secretary OMTS

Dave Galletly discusses his new campaign

Hi, I’ve been prevailed upon to come up with a guest editorial (series?)

This one will cover some of what a campaign means and introduce a Dystopian wars campaign we’ve been running during club days

What is a campaign and why try it instead of a stand-alone game.

(“good generals study tactics, great generals study logistics” – Omar Bradley)

A campaign steps back from the battle to cover some of the higher strategic considerations that a general will consider behind the battle. Ultimately multiple linked battles are played.

A defining feature of most campaign are gains or losses that are felt in the next battle. This means that the decisions in a battle are made not by how much you can do now, but how much it will affect you down the track. This can lead to decisions like breaking off an action, not because you will loose, but because a hard to replace unit might be destroyed. The classic Pyrrhic victory (10 more such victories and you will have nothing left)

Another feature campaigns can have is the feeling of a narrative building up that can occur. It is that lone hero who survives everything the enemy throws at it, or is it that torpedo bomber squadron whose bombing runs signal a turning point in the battle.

At the end of a campaign you will have instead of a single day’s play a story spanning several months of play.

What are some options to try in a campaign?

If you are not using a pre-packaged rules set for your own

  • Persistent/Experienced units;
    • Common in many games with smaller numbers of units, the classic being skirmish or naval games. Games workshop has done several skirmish games in the past such as Necromunda, Mordheim or Legends of the old west.
  • Maps or not
    • the classic ‘map’-basically the war games table writ large. While giving the most options in movement this can create a lot of complexity
    • the ‘zone map’ – basically an area divided into areas of ‘strategic importance’ this is easier, usually attacks will be to an adjacent zone although certain game settings would give the mobility to strike further away (e.g. a planetary invasion)
    • Narrative/branching tree, one alternative to a map, This instead has several sequential battles with the initial games giving advantages later on, usually concludes with a ‘finishing battle’. Eg an island assault might start with a skirmish off shore, a landing, then a fight against a main defensive line.
    • No map- just battles with persistent units. Used by Necromunda, the ‘campaign’ here is small skirmishes across a supposedly much larger area.
  • “the weird and wonderful”- a campaign with its narrative enables a chance to play with different forces/rules that might not be standard.

Difficulties with campaigns

  • While a campaign can be fun to play in these take a bit more work tracking the logistics between battles so the group should have at least one (honest) person willing to keep the data straight
  • Player drift, a long campaign can bore even the most dedicated gamer, do not set up WWI in the trenches. One way around this is specific time limits and victory conditions.
  • “Snowball” effect; a player gets on the back foot, it can take them time to recover, however this slip just keeps compounding, this can accelerate ‘player drift’ if a person gets to the point where they just cannot win. This can be moderated by ensuring victory conditions for the campaign kick in before this (eg- if one side controls 75 % of the board), or ensuring that even on the ‘back foot’ the scenarios give each side an equal chance of ‘winning’ (eg ensuring that both sides get same points, or giving an outnumbered side the option to do asymmetric ‘raid’ and ‘withdrawal’ missions)

Dystopian Wars Campaign

Ok- that’s probably enough theory. On to what we are doing at the club.

Dystopian wars?

The alternative past, where the Victorian’s read Jules Verne and went ‘we have the technology’. where fleets of Tzarist battleships clash with Royal Brittanian sky fortresses. ‘Dystopian Wars’ has the ability to combine land, air and sea units.

Dystopian wars is it’s own rule set published by Spartan games based on a d6 mechanic.

For most of the battles at the club we use between 750 and 1,000 points. For that you have about 6 -8 Squadrons per side.

The campaign basics

We are running a four player campaign. The setting is the South Pacific Islands roughly from the Solomon’s through to Samoa. Fleets involved are the Tzarist Russian coalition, the Empire of the Blazing Sun (aka Japan), the Royal New Zealand Navy (as part of the greater Brittania Empire) and the Republic of France.

Each side started has so many points to spend on their fleet with additional points . The map was divided into zones with players each having a home port and the other zones having special powers and effects such as access to elite commandos. Overall the campaign was it will run for 6 turns.

As at the end of round three the Russians have taken a lead, but there are still 3 rounds to go so it could be anybody’s game.

What’s the game system?

How do I get into it/What does it cost.

If you want to try a demo game feel free to pop into the club. The starting box which goes for about $85 from Hobby hub (Andrew Cook [] contains roughly 700 points.

How many people play at the OMTS?

There are 4 regular players at the club in the campaign, in addition there are at least 3 other irregular players with fleets. We predominately use naval with air and land forces playing supporting roles.


New Dark Angels

Today the new Dark Angels models and Codex was released, and I am pleased to tell you that as of 10 minutes ago, the BattleScribe catalogue for the new Codex Dark Angels was uploaded to our repository and the previous edition was removed, although you will still have the old one saved to your machine unless you delete it yourself, as there will be some of you who still want to use the old codex and rules.