Scuttlebutt 1/15

OMTS Official Scuttlebutt 1/15

Happy new year gentlemen, I hope you’ve all had a good break.  We’re looking forward to an exciting year for OMTS.  This year we will be taking part in numerous events and things promoting our society and our interests, aiming to make ourselves a household name, so that when people think of miniature gaming they’ll think of us..
Lindsay Harrison


Upcoming Events

Journeyman League: Jan-Jun
We hosted the opening to this Warmachine & Horde campaign on the 4th of January, it was a great success with everyone achieving at least three matches during the day and others played many more.  The Journeyman League now has 22 players involved. Our next meeting on the 18th will be ideal place to play more battlebox games as well a good opportunity to pick up miniatures for when the campaign escalates to 15points for February.

Bolt Action Three Part Tournament: 15th Feb
Another instalment of the Bolt Action Tournament, even if you haven’t played on any of the other days you can join, it’s spread out like this to enable participation.  Non-society members who’ve already participated in a previous of these BA Tournament days get to play for free.

Armageddon Dunedin:  28th Feb-1st Mar
OMTS plan to be running a stand at this years Armageddon.  Looking for volunteers to man it & play demo games.

Hard Pounding: Choice of dates; 29th Mar or 5th Apr
Dystopian Wars Interclub competition for the Armour of St Kilda Trophy.  OMTS are the undefeated trophy holders, aiming to make it three for three. Still looking for input before finalising details [dl end of Jan].

South Con:  30th-31st May
Venue will be at Forbury Park Raceway.  Player packs for Tournaments will be released soon.  Expect more.


Tresorial Report

I feel we’re doing wonderfully this year, membership numbers have already matched those of last year and I feel certain they’re going rise evenmore.  Plus we’ve made some pretty cool purchases, especially the ones in preparation for getting involved with Armageddon, a set of 3’x3′ boards to have demo games on, some cloths to match, plus big cool looking glass tower cabinets to put displays in.  Check them out when you visit the next game day.
Joel J8 Cunningham..
Treasure hunter.

Secretarial Report

Could everyone make sure their contact details are up to date in the membership listing, I have a folder at club, come talk to me.  Also please remember to tick yourself in the attendance book by the club canteen as it is a matter of safety. Thank you, have a great year, see you soon.
Ross McMillan,
Club Secretary.


Hobby Tips & Tricks

Don’t drop your models, they’ll break a lot less often that way 😉


OMTS Treasurer 2013--2016 SouthCon'15 Agoniser SouthCon 2016 Tsar

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