SouthCon Tournament Summaries

SouthCon 2016 Tournaments

With Nationals had and enjoyed we can look to announcing details for the imminent South Island Convention.

Queens Birthday Weekend
Saturday and Sunday 4-5 June 2016

Full player packs will be released soon. Here is a quick summary of the tournaments that are being organised;

 Kings of War
Fantasy 28mm mass battle from Mantic
Two-day tournament, 7 rounds
2000pts (Potentially reduced to 1500pts to accommodate players with smaller armies)
Organiser; Eugene Gielen,

 Bolt Action
WWII 28mm skirmish from Warlord Games
1000pts 1-3 reinforced platoons
(No tank war)
Organiser; Lindsay Harrison

 Warmachine & Hordes Privateer Press
One-day tournament
One-day Twin Terror
Organiser; Callumn James,

 Flames of War
Late War Any Book or Battlefront Approved Digital Format
1420 Points – for advice on lists look at the BF Forum – it’s the same total as the USA is using this year.  6 rounds over two days, you can enter for just one day.  If there are fewer than 10 entries by 8 May, the event will not occur and entry fees will be refunded.
Organiser; Rob Murray at

 Warhammer 40K
1850pts, Two-day Tournament
Following the ITC rules.
Umpire; TBA.

Fantasy Flights
Standard Tournament Formats

Games of Thrones

There will also be..
..narrative campaign events happening for other game systems, Pathfinder, Star Wars (Multi-system format), & Mordheim.
..the annual painting comp, free entry to all SouthCon participants.
..Saturday night games night options.

Join the SouthCon 2016 FB event for more upcoming announcements.


OMTS Treasurer 2013–2016
SouthCon’15 Agoniser
SouthCon 2016 Tsar

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