SouthCon Tournament Summaries

SouthCon 2016 Tournaments

With Nationals had and enjoyed we can look to announcing details for the imminent South Island Convention.

Queens Birthday Weekend
Saturday and Sunday 4-5 June 2016

Full player packs will be released soon. Here is a quick summary of the tournaments that are being organised;

 Kings of War
Fantasy 28mm mass battle from Mantic
Two-day tournament, 7 rounds
2000pts (Potentially reduced to 1500pts to accommodate players with smaller armies)
Organiser; Eugene Gielen,

 Bolt Action
WWII 28mm skirmish from Warlord Games
1000pts 1-3 reinforced platoons
(No tank war)
Organiser; Lindsay Harrison

 Warmachine & Hordes Privateer Press
One-day tournament
One-day Twin Terror
Organiser; Callumn James,

 Flames of War
Late War Any Book or Battlefront Approved Digital Format
1420 Points – for advice on lists look at the BF Forum – it’s the same total as the USA is using this year.  6 rounds over two days, you can enter for just one day.  If there are fewer than 10 entries by 8 May, the event will not occur and entry fees will be refunded.
Organiser; Rob Murray at

 Warhammer 40K
1850pts, Two-day Tournament
Following the ITC rules.
Umpire; TBA.

Fantasy Flights
Standard Tournament Formats

Games of Thrones

There will also be..
..narrative campaign events happening for other game systems, Pathfinder, Star Wars (Multi-system format), & Mordheim.
..the annual painting comp, free entry to all SouthCon participants.
..Saturday night games night options.

Join the SouthCon 2016 FB event for more upcoming announcements.


OMTS Treasurer 2013--2016 SouthCon'15 Agoniser SouthCon 2016 Tsar

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