SouthCon 2017 Online Registration now closed.


SouthCon Dunedin’s annual Tabletop Gaming Convention on Queens Birthday weekend, 3rd and 4th June. This year we are continuing our theme of inclusion by inviting all gamers to join us and play their favourite games with us all. This year at SouthCon we are planning Tournaments and Events in the following gaming systems:

Kings of War ;

2 day tournament; Southcon2017-KOW-player-pack1.0 (1)


Dystopian Wars        

2 day tournament details to follow soon


Warhammer 40,000

2 day tournament : 40KSouthCon2017


Flames of War

2 day tournament ; SouthCon 2017 Flames of War Players Pack


X-Wing/ Star Wars Armada

No Formal event being organised.


Campaign Weekend 2 day  : SouthCon 2017 Mordheim

Contact ;

LOTR/Hobbit League Round

2 day tournament: Lord of the Rings_SouthCon_2017


Age of Sigmar

2 day narrative tournament: AgeofSigmar_SouthCon_2017


Wings of Glory
Saturday Night Social Event

Organized Participation games and Casual play
All through the Weekend

[ Online Registration and Payment option details ]

Starts: 03/06/2017 –8.30am

Ends: 04/06/2017 ~5.00pm


Full Weekend Pass $50

  • Tournament Entry with rewards and prizes
  • Welcome Pack, (includes itinerary, vouchers, & extra goodies for paying before 20th May).
  • Access to Social Events
  • 1 free entry into modelling & painting competition

Single Day Pass $30

  • One-day Tournament Entry with rewards.
  • Welcome Pack, (includes itinerary, vouchers, & extra goodies).
  • Access to Social Events
  • 1 free entry into modelling & painting competition

Casual and Display Gaming Pass, $20

  • Use of spare games table(s) for games of your choice 
  • Access to Social Events
  • 1 free entry into modelling & painting competition



Forbury Park Event Centre
146 Victoria Road
St Kilda
New Zealand


Q: How do we register or make a payment?

A: There’s a link above, it wasn’t too obvious but I’ve made it clearer. However you may simply follow this link, [Online Registration and Payment option details].

Q: I’ve registered / paid but haven’t received any confirmation.

A: Our current system isn’t automated, so confirmations are being handled manually, first contact the event umpire or contact, if you don’t hear from us and you require confirmation or affirmation

Q: Is there any information about SouthCon player pack for my gaming system?

A: All player packs will be posted once provided but umpires can be contacted directly for inquiries or they maybe distributed to players on request….

Q: What is the 1 free entry into modelling & painting competition all about?

A: Every year at SouthCon there is a judged painted miniature competition. Submitting in model(s), normally done at the start of Saturday morning so that they may be displayed throughout the weekend, the entries are judged by some of our most skilled hobbyists, and prizes awarded at the ceremony at the end of SouthCon.

6 comments on “SouthCon 2017 Online Registration now closed.
  1. Richard Shield says:

    Hi I have just booked a table for casual wargaming at southcon 2016 and have paid you by internet banking , would it be possible to have a large table please as I will be gaming 25mm Napoleonic , thanks Richard

  2. Richard Shield says:

    Hi any up date yet on southcon 2017

    • Ross McMillan says:

      All systems are go!
      We will be updating the website soon.
      In the process of finalising umpires and gaming systems.
      Venue is confirmed.

  3. Richard Shield says:

    Hi any up date on southcon 2017 yet?

  4. James Phillips says:

    When do I need to submit my army list buy

  5. David says:

    Hi I have 176 white dwarf magazines for sale from 1990s to 2000s . I heard people here may be interested as I don’t no much about them . All in great condition

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