Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

When: Sunday, 7th December
Time: 10:30 am
Where: Forbury Park Raceway, Dunedin.
The normal OMTS club rooms.

Cost: $10

Will follow Fantasy Flight’s tourney rule (VERSION 2.2.1/ UPDATED 10.16.2014) and FAQ (version 2.2/ UPDATED 9.26.2014) both available here except:

  • All games will be Imperial vs. Rebels
  • Wave 5 will be allowed if the stock reaches me in time.
Points: 100
Rounds: 4 of 75 minutes
Lists: Please use Squadron Builder to build your list and have a printout with you for your opponent to look at

Top Imperial Squadron Leader
Top Rebel Squadron Leader

Top Ace – by number of kills
I have two sets of Team Covenant turn and range templates, one for each winning Squadron Leader.
I also have a Winter 2014 Tournament Kit:
• One exclusive medal for the Top Ace
• Four sets of acrylic cloak tokens
• Two movie-still versions of Han Solo
• Seventeen movie-still versions of Scimitar Squadron Pilot
• Four Millennium Falcon deck boxes
Plus there will be other Star Wars swag.

Space is limited to 24 players.

If people want to pay on the day that is okay, but the people that pre-register get preference:

  • In the 24 player limit
  • Which side they play on (since we can only have a max of 12 per side)
  • The goodies that came in the Season 3 Game Night set
Anyone that hasn’t preregistered needs to get to the venue at 10:15 to go through the registration process.
Even if you are going to pay on the day, please let me know you are coming, which sides you can play and which you would prefer to play on.
Hope to see you there.
May the force be with you.
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