Website editorial January 2013

Well, it’s January already and Southcon 2012 is fading into memory, although what I can still recall seemed very enjoyable. I even enjoyed the dystopian tournament I played in (and as some of you may know, I have a longstanding dislike of tournaments). It was a good opportunity to meet and play against guys from outside of Dunedin, I even managed to win one game!

I have uploaded some of the pictures I took at Southcon to PICASA and can be found here.

Everyone I spoke to seemed to have a good time, and certainly the venue was everything we’d hoped for as a committee. On that subject we have booked the venue again for 2013. Richard Bell is handling the management of Southcon 2013 so if you have any brilliant ideas for 2013, let him know.
All the usual suspects will be represented again – 40K, WHFB, W/machine, Dystopian and WoG (I’m coming for you Rob!) Anyone that wants to run a competition – please get in touch with Richard Bell. The rule of thumb is that you will need at least 6 players. As always we will accommodate casual gamers and as an added attraction, Dave Sim is organising a Gettysburg game in 15mm, given it’s the 150th anniversary of the battle this year.

We finally finished the remaining task of the relocation by moving all our gear into the new storage room. We can now actually reach all of the scenery, tables etc. Many thank to Lindsay for sorting out the door lock and to him and Ross for organising the room (and the helpers) during the shift. The Racing club are starting to use the rooms again for Thursday nights (and other occasions) so it has been to their advantage to get our gear away out of sight and secure. Zelda indicated that they will also be some renovations carried out over the next 12 months – nothing too major or disruptive is planned.

I now have my copy of the new Warlord games WW2 rule book – Bolt Action. Robert and Bill seem interested so it looks like the Para’s will be getting dusted off for a run at some point soon…I will then need to get the carrier finished and perhaps start on that Cromwell…and the Germans and the Brits.

Between Saga, Malifaux, Infanticide and Spartacus, we had some interesting game systems to explore on the last Sunday meeting in December! Bruce & Craig had a game of Dreadball as well. Now nick and Bill also have a copy of the game that may get some more “playtime” at the club. What else will the New Year bring???

The new committee is up and running we’ve had our first few meetings. If you have any concerns or ideas that you would like us to discuss, please let someone on the committee know. Bill, Wayne & I are there most Sundays – the other members, Nick, Ross, Graham, Jesse, Lindsay & Josiah are easy enough to approach. Unless you tell us, we don’t know what you’re thinking! Share your ideas!

Something for you all to consider is to come up with ways that we can increase the membership numbers within the club. While we always go through periodic membership fluctuations, we still need to promote ourselves more and raise our profile. We can use the ODT article from last week as a jumping off point! Lindsay has provided a new sign for the club to put out on a Sunday, what innovations can you come up with for its use?

That’s enough rambling from me for now; my forthcoming challenge is getting Wayne to write something up for next time…

David Shead
OMTS Secretary

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