Wh40k at SouthCon 2016

We have a trio of downloads for 40k players interested in attending SouthCon this year. The first is our player pack, I’m very pleased with the work that went into creating this and am happy with what we have come up with, being informative and easy to read.  The following two are filled with additional information: the mission pack details the battle scenarios with their objectives; and the army list guideline gives the allowed super heavies and gargantuan plus a few extra details and restrictions that may be needed in army creation that we felt would be overbearing inside our player pack.

Warhammer 40,000
ictlogoTwo day Tournament 1850pts ITC rules. [ SouthCon 2016 Player Pack wh40k 1.0 ]
ITC 2016 Missions Pack 1.0 ] | [ Army List Guidelines ITC 2016 40K Season ]

I’m really thankful to the ITC for setting a great basis to work from in setting up balanced tournaments and look forward to continuing with them into the future.

Online entry form for SouthCon is here.


OMTS Treasurer 2013--2016 SouthCon'15 Agoniser SouthCon 2016 Tsar

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